Accommodation Rules of PRIVATE ACCOMMODATION

“Hájovna Bukovec” Bukovec no. 7, Dubá

Dear guests,

Welcome to Hájovna Bukovec. We are pleased that you have chosen us and we want to do everything to ensure that you are during your stay the most satisfied.

A prerequisite for a peaceful stay is especially respect for the fundamental rules of social coexistence. Also we want you to keep the peace, order and cleanliness in the common areas but also in individual apartments and mutual respect for residents.

For these reasons, please take a few minutes to read these lines, and during the stay please enforce all of the rules described below.

Pleasant stay wish the owners Ivana and Vladimir Ondrouškovi

Article 1

Accommodation operates and manages the company TEON TRAVEL, s.r.o. based in Hoření Vinice 99, 277 41 Kly, IČO: 27601960, Tel: +420 602 363 488.

Article 2

Arrival to Hájovna Bukovec is the on agreed date and estimated time according to the confirmed order. Please report any changes in prior to the landlord Mrs. Ivana Ondroušková Tel: 603 803 288 or administrator  Tel: 607 642 698. After arrival, every guest registers with the manager. The administrator or his representative introduces guest with apartment and a room for common use of all guests. The administrator asks for data that need to be written in the book of accommodation and gives him a set of keys. To avoid misunderstandings, we advise guests to check the inventory according to the inventory list, which is part of information folder in each room. Any differences must be immediately reported to the manager. The guest is fully responsible for facilities and equipment according to the inventory list and before departure is obliged to submit to the administrator the room in the same state in which it was received.

When leaving the building, guest have to lock apartment and front door and carries keys with him. In case of a loss of keys guest have to pay the price of new keys and locks. This price is estimated on 1200 CZK. Each time when entering the building we please guests to change their shoes into home footwear already in the hall.

Smoking is throughout the building strictly prohibited! Please urgently compliance with this prohibition.

Last day we wish to have apartments empty until 10.00 pm. individual requests for a later departure can be discussed and agreed by the administrator. Their fulfillment depends on the date of arrival of other guests. Before leaving the rented apartment, please do a rough cleaning of the apartment, such as removing the sheets, gathering garbage in the trash, putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher, returning transferred inventory to the original position and closing windows. Before departure guest give back the leased apartment to the manager or his representative and report damages or loss of equipment and arrange payment of any damages.

Article 3

Without the agreement of the administrator or his representative can’t guests move the inventory, the layout must correspond with inventory list. It is forbidden to bring equipment of the apartments in outdoor areas. This prohibition also applies to plates while grilling. Please ask the administrator for plastic plates, except in individual cases, agreed with administrator.

We want every guest to protect facilities and equipment of Hájovna Bukovec from damages, maintain cleanliness and order in the rented apartment, and in the neighbor areas of the building.

Any damage of the building and its inventory or other defects must guests notify to the controller or his representative. In case of damage or breaks a small equipment, the administrator will ask for rebuy and/or to pay the damages.

For damage caused by children or minors the responsibility goes to their parents or other persons responsible for them.

Article 4

While staying at the recreation guests have the right to use:

  1. Apartment and its equipment, provided they ensure that the used appliances will be used according to the instructions and equipment will be properly turned off after use.
  2. Lounge room with a television, provided with agreement of the other guests who have the same right to its use.
  3. Covered parking spaces. The administrator has the right to choose parking spaces for guests. In this area is possible to store other outdoor objects such as toys, sleds, tricycles, etc.
  4. Possibility of secure bike storage or of additional security equipment. If you are interested in using storage ask the manager to borrow the keys and always lock it when leaving.
  5. Grassed area above the garage designed for ball games.
  6. An outdoor siting area with barbecue table; free rental of the grill and grill tools, must be properly cleaned before returning it. See note. 1)
  7. Playground – see note. 2)
  8. Outdoor swimming pool – see note. 3)
  9. Open fire – because of the fire danger, use is only possible with the agreement of the administrator!

Note 1) Guests have the opportunity to buy from administrator the necessary equipment for grilling (eg. charcoal, trays, etc.).

Note 2) Playground equipment can children use only under adult supervision.

Note 3) The use of the outdoor swimming pool is only possible after notifying the administrator (security alarm) and only in daylight

  • Before entering the pool guest must always take a shower
  • Children can use the swimming pool only under adult supervision
  • In the pool and its immediate vicinity is forbidden to use glass and porcelain objects (glass bottles, glasses, porcelain plates, etc. – Danger of damage)
  • In the pool the use of sharp objects is prohibited (Danger of damaging the plastics)
  • Guests are asked not to use bath towels while being in pool; it is possible to rent beach towels at administrator
  • Outdoor swimming pool is part of a foreign object and its use may be temporarily restricted according to the instructions of the owner; any restrictions are communicated to guests through administrator – please respect his instructions.

Article 5

In the period from 10.00 pm. untill 07.00 am. must be in the whole place maintain the peace. Exceptions may be authorized by the administrator upon the agreement of the other guests.

Article 6

Parking in the area near the building can be only on roofed space and at own risk. Manager or landlord or his representatives are not responsible for damage on parked cars and their accessories.

Article 7

The building was duly approved for use, and its implementation was carried out according to valid CSN. Any damages caused by guests or their visitors on their health or property carries a guest or visitor.

Parents are responsible for their children in both cases first in the possibility of injury and second in case of a damage on the building or its equipment. For any damage caused to the building of recreational facilities and inventory are fully responsible the guest or guests who caused them.

Serious violation of these House Rules may result in disqualification from the residence without returning the remaining amount of money.

The operator of the Hajovna Bukovec follows the GDPR rules. Personal datas of our guest are well secured and used strictly only for acts connected with reservation, payments and guest registration according to generally valid rulles.

Guests or visitors agree with the entrance to the facility to the terms of these House Rules, including the rights, obligations and claims of the parties arising therefrom.

Article 8

This accommodation regulations come into effect on May 1, 2015

For the company TEON TRAVEL, s.r.o.

Ing. Vladimír Ondroušek, CEO