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Address:   Bukovec 7,  472 01  Dubá – Bukovec,

                 district Česká Lípa, region Liberec

Tel 1: +420 602 363 488                    Tel 2: +420 603 803 288

Operator: TEON TRAVEL s.r.o., IČ 27601960, Hoření Vinice 99, 277 41 Kly

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Appartment house Hajovna Bukovec is a semi solitude located near the village Duba, district Ceska Lipa. You can get there by the road no. 9, which connects towns Melnik and Ceska Lipa.The lodge is 150 meters from the exit of the main road .

Hajovna Bukovec is easily accessible from Prague (55 km), Liberec (70 km) and Mladá Boleslav 45 km). Guests can use the public bus service. The bus stop is 200 meters from the building and journey time from Prague is 1 hour 20 min.

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